Top Business Benefits of LTL Shipping

Top Business Benefits of LTL Shipping

Businesses have several options when they need to transport their goods. One of the perfect solutions for a company is by selecting Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), a method of transporting smaller shipments that do not take up space as much as a full truckload. LTL freight can be shipped on a smaller truck along with the cargo of other consignees. The shipment can be picked up at a warehouse and delivered to its desired destination. Typically, an LTL load can weigh from 500 to 10,000 pounds.

Through LTL shipping, companies can share truck space with others that also require to transport their smaller packages. Whether your company is shipping locally or nationally, here are 6 benefits of using LTL in your business.

6 Advantages of LTL Freight Shipping to Businesses

1. Faster Delivery Time

It has a quicker delivery time than a full truckload (FTL) because there are fewer logistics to handle. With LTL freight shipping, there are fewer stops and weigh-ins occur faster along the way.

2. Ability to Transport Small Shipments

You can ship even the smaller loads throughout the country instead of waiting until you have full cargo to be cost-efficient. LTL freight shipping allows small companies to transport their goods while being profitable.

3. Safe Shipping

Items delivered via LTL shipping are carefully packaged and loaded into the truck before they are transported. This prevents the products from being damaged or destroyed while in transit. Damaged items are common during freight shipping which is why many businesses prefer to use LTL freight shipment for their business operations.

4. Reduced Transportation Cost

One of the benefits of LTL is that shipment is less expensive than using FTL transportation. Opting to send your items in smaller loads together with the packages of other businesses can reduce the overall shipping cost for everyone. It is difficult to fill a vehicle to its maximum capacity when only one company ships its products. Smaller loads or partial shipments from different businesses utilize less fuel and need fewer trucks to move their cargo.

5. Easy Tracking of Shipment

LTL freight shipping is a good option when you dispatch your items because it is easy to track your shipment and trace its location. The LTL business provides good visibility to shipment locations through the use of modern technology. The tracking solutions enable you to know your freight’s current status and location.

6. Eco-Friendly

Climate change and carbon footprint reduction are some of the big concerns in the transportation and trucking industries. Go green by choosing LTL freight shipping. This is one of the ways to make  your shipments move with reduced impact to the environment. It  also helps transportation businesses to save and beeco-friendly by lowering the amount of fuel and vehicles required for shipments. 

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LTL shipping has several benefits if your business selects this delivery method for your cargo. Aside from quicker shipment of smaller loads, you are assured that your items will arrive in good condition at the final destination. It is cheaper compared to other shipping methods. You can keep track of your shipment and its whereabouts using modern technological advances. This also holds LTL freight companies responsible for fulfilling their guaranteed delivery dates. Shipments are more eco-friendly since it reduces the amount of fuel and trucks needed to make deliveries.

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