How Your Business Can Move Towards Sustainable Logistics

How Your Business Can Move Towards Sustainable Logistics

Some companies now adopt sustainable logistics in their business operations such as warehousing and transportation to address the growing concern on climate change. By going green, companies are taking steps to reduce the ecological footprint such as carbon emissions of their supply chain activities from getting raw materials to distributing goods to customers. A study reveals that 85% of global consumers prefer sustainability when it comes to their buying decisions.  

Customers have now become more conscious about the environment which includes choosing companies that practice sustainability. Businesses that turn to green logistics not only help take care of Mother Earth but also attract more consumers. Your company can become more socially responsible in caring for the environment if you implement sustainable logistics. Here are 6 practical tips that your business can do to practice green logistics.

6 Ways to Achieve Sustainable Logistics in Your Business

1. Build Pop-Up Warehouses.

Your business can build pop-up warehouses to bring your products closer to your customers. This sustainable logistics practice can lessen last-mile delivery emissions. The delivery vehicles have less time to travel which can cut carbon emissions. This is also a great way to reduce the delivery costs and time, making customers happy.

2. Use Alternative Vehicles and Fuel Technologies.

Many delivery trucks use diesel fuel because it is more affordable. However, they emit more carbon dioxide which pollutes the environment. According to an online article, a gallon of diesel fuel emits 22.44 pounds of carbon dioxide when combusted. Driving one mile on average can release 404 grams of CO2. A business can practice sustainable logistics by replacing old trucks with eco-friendly vehicles and using lower carbon fuels like biofuel which is better for the environment.

3. Utilize Data.

Use data at the center of supply chain processes to operate efficiently in your business. Staff can monitor transport methods in real time. Data can be used when making delivery. Customers can specify the exact time they will be at home to receive the goods. This sustainable logistics method reduces the unnecessary travel to empty homes which leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

4. Automate Routes.

Another way to achieve sustainable logistics is by automating the routes to lessen the distance traveled by the vehicles that deliver the goods. Doing this can also minimize fuel consumption, pollution, and traffic congestion around the metro.

5. Batch Goods Together.

Grouping goods that will be delivered to the same area in a similar time frame is one way for businesses to go green. This can reduce the number of vehicles to be dispatched and increase their energy efficiency.

6. Reduce Paper Usage.

Sustainable logistics includes eliminating paper consumption by automating logistics procedures. Paper-based documents include invoices, proof of delivery, and packing lists among others. By shifting to digitizing the paper trail, businesses can lessen paper costs and save trees which is good for the environment.  

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More consumers are now aware of the harmful effects of climate change and they prefer companies with sustainability practices. To meet their customers’ preferences, more businesses are taking steps to implement eco-friendly initiatives. Business can do their share in protecting Mother Nature by incorporating sustainable logistics in their operations. By going green, companies can help lower the ecological footprint. 

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