Understanding Partial Truckload Logistics and What It Means for Your Business

Understanding Partial Truckload Logistics and What It Means for Your Business

Companies must know the importance of choosing a shipping method that is suitable to their business needs. If you typically deliver large items that are not huge enough to require a full truckload trailer, then you may opt for partial truckload shipping (PTL). This is a logistic operation that has several customers share the cargo space of a delivery vehicle. It is used by businesses that cannot fill up an entire truck with their goods and would like to reduce their spending on logistics.

So if your shipment is over 5,000 pounds or 6 pallets, partial truckload logistics is a cost-effective alternative that falls between less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL). This shipment does not require a freight class to secure a rate which results in faster transit times and involves less handling. Here are the common benefits of using partial truckload carriers in your business.

5 Advantages of Partial Truckload Shipping

1. Point to Point Delivery

Partial truckload carriers do not stop at distribution terminals while going to the final destination. This leads to improved delivery times and less freight handling.

2. No Freight Class Requirement

Freight class is not necessary for partial truckload shipping. This helps you prevent extra charges related to freight re-classification if you get it wrong.

3. Less Freight Handling

When your freight is handled less, the possibility of damage is minimized. Partial truckload shipping is suitable for goods that are vulnerable to damage while loading and unloading.

4. Cheaper than FTL

Partial truckload shipping is one of the less expensive modes of delivery. You only need to pay for the space you use instead of a full truck.

5. One Truck Transport

Your freight stays in one truck for the entire transit time. There is faster transportation of shipments when only one truck is involved.

There are instances when partial truckload shipping is the right solution for your delivery challenges. Here are some situations when it is best applied:

  • Low-Density Freight – If your freight is light but it takes up a lot of space. Partial truckload logistics can be more appropriate for your business needs.
  • Fragile Freight – If you are too concerned about preventing freight damage, then partial truckload shipping is a good alternative. Less handling lessens the chances of your cargo getting damaged while in transit.
  • Lower Costs – You only pay for the space and weight capacity that you used. This significantly cuts your shipping costs. 

Partial truckload shipping consolidates several items from different clients for delivery on one truck. Co-loading has become a practical option for companies to lessen the cost of logistics since it can reduce transit time and volume. Fewer trucks are needed if there are fewer shipments which leads to lower prices.

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Your business can benefit in several ways if you choose partial truckload shipping to deliver your large items that may not fill up the entire space of a full truckload trailer. This includes faster transit times, no freight class needed, less freight handling, and fewer expenses in the transportation of goods. There are also situations when partial truckload shipping is best applied like low-density and fragile freight and lower costs for space and weight capacity used.   

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