The Basics of Cheap Freight Shipping that You Need to Know

The Basics of Cheap Freight Shipping that You Need to Know

Freight shipping is the bulk transportation of goods through land, sea, or air. It permits businesses to transfer huge quantities of their goods or heavy items. Rates and lead times may differ depending on the types of freight shipping that you want to avail. Air freight is quicker than truck freight but using trucks is faster than shipping your goods in ocean liners. A faster mode of transportation is usually preferred for the delivery of goods to a desired destination.

Your company may choose one or more shipping methods according to your business requirements. But always keep in mind that you can save money if you ship in large volumes. What are the things that you must know in searching for cheap freight shipping that fits the budget of your company? Check out this basic information.   

5 Fundamental Things about Cheap Freight Shipping

1. Three Common Types Of Freight Shipping

  • Air Freight – shipment of goods through the use of an air freight carrier. This is suitable for businesses that need fast shipping.
  • Ocean Freight – this is transporting goods by sea. This is for companies that have no time constraints for shipping their products and are in search of cheap freight shipping.
  • Truck Freight – this is the shipment of goods via land transportation. This form of freight shipping service is for local deliveries and may take approximately a week to complete the shipment. Less-than-Truckload (LTL) is also a cheap freight shipping alternative.  

Worklink Services, Inc. (WSI) provides logistics services to various domestic industries. WSI has successfully established itself in the logistics industry, lending its expertise in the management and distribution of a wide range of merchandise. We offer dependable professional transportation services such as air freight, sea freight, and trucking service to manage all your time-critical requirements such as documents, food, garments, and industrial equipment.

2. Lead Times for Cheap Freight Shipping

Delivery lead time depends on the freight carrier and your chosen freight shipping service. Air freight is the fastest among the freight shipping selections and delivery can take 1 to 5 business days. Ocean freight can take 45 days while truck shipping is from 5 to 10 business days depending on the destination.

3. Cost of Affordable Freight Shipping

The fees vary according to the type of freight shipping you select. Air freight shipping will cost more than sea freight since it is faster. Here are some of the factors that can affect the price of shipments:

  • Weight – the heavier the shipment, the more difficult it is to transport and the less capacity for other goods, thus increasing costs
  • Dimensions –you have to pay more for larger items
  • Fragility – breakable items are more expensive since extra care is required to ensure that they are delivered safely to the recipients
  • Destination – how far your package needs to travel will affect the price you will pay
  • Mode of Transportation – this has a significant effect on the price as ocean freight is commonly the cheapest option, followed by truck and air
  • Density – it affects the amount that shippers can fit in a load and therefore influences the price
  • Time Sensitivity – urgent shipments will always cost more

4. Rates of Freight Carriers

When you are searching for cheap freight shipping, remember to compare the rates. Do not settle on the first quote that you receive from freight carriers. You can use a shipping platform that offers various discount rates from different shipping companies.

5. Selecting A Reliable Freight Shipping Company

You must choose the right freight service provider for your shipment. This is important for any business that depends on shipping and logistics to transport goods to various destinations. A reliable and efficient freight shipping company can help you lower the cost and ensure that your shipments are delivered in good condition and on time.

WSI provides efficient and dependable courier, forwarding, trucking, and logistics services to various domestic industries. With Worklink, you can be assured that your cargo is in good hands. It provides trucking services that include shipment pickup to ensure fast and hassle-free transport of goods to your preferred destination. A cheap freight shipping option, choose from WSI’s fleet to effectively take on your needs without you having to spend more than what you need.

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Freight shipping allows businesses to transport huge quantities of goods and heavy items via air, sea, or land. There are basic guides that you can check out to help you know more about freight shipping and identify what shipping method suits your business needs. This information is essential if you are looking for cheap freight shipping for your business goods.

Worklink Services, Inc. (WSI) is a privately owned Filipino corporation that provides logistic services to various domestic industries. Through our reliable air freight services, we can have your shipment delivered to your destination on time without exceeding your budget. WSI offers Same Day – Next Flight Out option, Next Day or Two Day air freight services. With our expertise in air freight shipping, you can rest assured that your shipment will get there fast and easy. Do you need help in shipping your goods safely and on time? WSI is here to help.