What to Look for in a Freight Broker in the Philippines

What to Look for in a Freight Broker in the Philippines

Having the right freight forwarder is like finding a business partner who can take care of your goods and your customers on your behalf. A good freight forwarder can support you based on your business strengths and weaknesses. It can oversee your goods and your money and treat them as if their own. A dependable freight provider will also have as much concern as you have for the safety of your goods and the satisfaction of your end users.

The right freight forwarder can greatly contribute to smooth business operations. However, if you will not be careful in making the choice, you might end up dealing with problems that will have a huge impact on your business operations. When it comes to finding a freight broker to entrust the safety of your goods, your decision is crucial. To help you, listed below are the factors that you must consider when choosing a freight broker in the Philippines.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Freight Broker in the Philippines

Industry Expertise

A freight forwarder who has been in business for many years has already acquired the industry experience that can benefit you and your business. Experience is a good indicator that they have already been in different situations and acquired sufficient knowledge of rules and regulations. Industry expertise will play a role in overcoming difficulties that may be encountered in freight forwarding and help ensure that transactions will be done smoothly.

Business Reputation

Aside from industry expertise, it is also important to look into the business reputation of a freight broker in the Philippines. Usually, business longevity and reputation go hand in hand as one cannot stay long in the industry if they have a bad reputation and lacks professionalism in offering their services. Another thing to validate the reputation of a freight forwarder is through customer reviews and word-of-mouth. The experiences of their past customers can give you an overview of what it’s like to be working with them.


A business will also benefit from the vast network that a freight broker has. Industry experience and business reputation also play key factors for one to build connections. With the right network, freight forwarding would be simpler. It will also serve the opportunity for costs of related services to be negotiated in your favor.


The trustworthiness of a freight broker can also be assessed through other companies that give them accreditations. These accreditations serve as an assurance that a company is regulated by a certain agency and has met minimum requirements. Before working with a freight broker, look for a certificate of accreditation for freight forwarders from the Department of Trade and Industry.

Customer Service

A freight broker will be the one in charge of the delivery of your goods. To ensure that you will be able to contact them whenever you have queries, you have to choose one that offers excellent customer service. Good communication, business etiquette, and concern for your business are some of the traits that you can expect from a reputable freight broker. With good customer service, you can avoid miscommunication and get the help you’ll need in addressing the concerns of your customers.


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