Logistics Management Tips to Help You Prepare for the BER Months Surge

Logistics Management Tips to Help You Prepare for the BER Months Surge

The BER months are just around the corner. Filipinos eagerly look forward to the holiday season and usually prepare for it as early as September – the month that many consider the start of the Christmas season. There is a surge in sales during the last four months of the year as people take advantage of mall-wide holiday sales, e-commerce sales, and other product discounts. Businesses that involve logistics and delivery need more preparation as sales are expected to increase during the last quarter of the year.  

Effective logistics management is necessary to ensure a better movement of goods and services from the origin to the final destination. This helps businesses to minimize their expenses and enhance customer service. It is useful to have a guide on how to manage your logistics more effectively. Here are 6 important logistics management tips that can help your company prepare for the final quarter of 2023.

6 Essential Tips for Effective Logistics Management

1. Create an Accurate Logistics Management Plan.

Devise a good and effective logistics management plan that includes the transit time of goods from one place to another, the necessary transportation, and the logistics costs. Accurate planning seeks to achieve more work in the least possible time and to earn more profits for the company. The plan also consists of contingency measures to address any emergencies that may arise like last-minute cancellation of orders or customer complaints especially during the busiest months of the year.

2.  Hire an Efficient Workforce.

The staff that you hire is an essential part of your company’s success. Everyone has an assigned task to accomplish and the quality of their service determines your business’s efficiency. Part of effective logistics management is to hone your employees’ skills by investing in their proper training to ensure work efficiency. Regular training workshops help your staff to be abreast with the current trends in the logistics industry. A well-trained workforce can lead to excellent customer service. A logistic manager with a good personality and leadership skills to make informed decisions can be an asset to your company.   

3.  Implement Effective Warehouse Management.

Organized warehouse management is important to effective logistics management. Your facility’s smooth operation depends on the type of your goods. Perishable goods like dairy products require refrigeration facilities while grains must be stored in a moisture-free space. You can anticipate that your company will receive numerous orders these BER months so have a precise warehouse inventory to check your stocks. Maximize your storage space by choosing vertical storage columns to easily locate an item during urgent orders and deliveries this holiday season. A software application that helps optimize space utilization for sequencing the products can be used for effective logistics management.

4.  Invest in Automation.

The logistics industry can now be technology-driven through the use of automation. There are several available logistics management software that can provide real-time updates about the transit of goods, and negotiation rates, and emphasize operation errors through advanced analytics, among others. Automation technology-based platforms contribute to the effective logistics management of a business. They track and monitor the movement of goods and present transparency which improves customer experience.   

5. Ensure an Organized Transportation of Goods.

Effective logistics management always prioritizes the safe and fast delivery of goods to the customers. This means opting for the best and shortest yet safest delivery route which can save time and reduce logistics costs. It is a challenge to deliver goods on time during the BER months. September marks the beginning of the rainy season in the Philippines. Heavy downpours cause flooding and traffic congestion in many areas. There are also stalled vehicles on the streets due to the Christmas rush. Effective logistics management includes providing updates to your clients on the goods’ real-time location and estimated time of arrival as deliveries can be sometimes delayed during this period.

6. Partner with a Reliable Logistics Company.

Effective logistics management includes partnering with a reliable and experienced logistics company that can help you deal with the heavy demands and rush orders during the BER months. You may want to select a trusted company that offers a variety of services such as fast shipping of goods to the intended recipients.

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Effective logistics management is vital in every business for the efficient transportation of goods to their designated destination. The BER months are fast approaching and every company that deals with logistics must plan and be prepared for the holiday rush. There are logistics management tips that can guide you prepare for the last quarter of 2023. This includes partnering with a dependable logistics company that can deliver your goods safely and on time.

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