Different Types of Sea Freight Shipping Options for Your Business

Different Types of Sea Freight Shipping Options for Your Business

Businesses usually utilize sea shipping to move their goods around the world. For centuries, shipping by sea has been a popular method of transportation across long distances due to its affordability, high load capacity, and dependability in extreme weather conditions.

There are different types of sea freight shipping options to transport your cargo fast and safely. Selecting the right mode of shipping is important for the various requirements of a business. Here are 5 different types of sea transport that you can use for your cargo needs.    

5 Common Types of Sea Shipping For Your Cargo

1. Roll On/Roll Off Ships

Roll on/roll off ship is commonly called a “RoRo.” This type of sea freight shipping is primarily used for transporting passenger vehicles. You must drive the vehicle to its space on the ship to load the cargo. Then you drive the vehicle off the ship after it reaches its intended destination. This ship is easy to use and efficient when you have to move vehicles abroad.

2. Tankers

This sea freight shipping is utilized when carrying liquids or gases. Businesses that work in the oil industry use tankers to transfer liquid safely. Tankers vary in size with some nearly a quarter mile long. You must use a secure tanker if you will transport liquids and gases internationally.

3. Bulk Carriers

Bulk carriers carry items like coal, grains, fertilizers, metal ore, or wood chips. There are only a few cargo containers on bulk carriers. Businesses usually pour the items directly into the hold itself instead of loading them into a container.

4. Cargo Ships

Cargo ships come in different sizes and can efficiently transfer all kinds of freight. Some cargo ships have specialized refrigerated spaces for perishable goods so they can safely reach their destination. Cargo ships have their ways of loading and unloading freight. You have to inquire first about these methods if you are planning to transport fragile items using this kind of sea freight shipping.

5. Barges

Barges have various sizes so people can select the size that is suitable for their cargo. Businesses typically haul barges behind ships to have more space for the goods. Cargo ships utilize barges. If there is another boat at the back of a cargo ship, this type of sea freight shipping may be a barge.

Why Entrust Your Sea Freight Shipping Needs to a Logistics Provider

Here are 4 reasons why it is better to book your cargo with a one-stop-shop logistics provider. 

1.      Reliable Door-to-Door Logistics

Sea freight provides scalability, security, and economic efficiency. Combining it with land freight services ensures reliable door-to-door deliveries for your goods.

2.      Cost Savings

Using sea freight shipping is economical. You can save costs because it is less expensive to transport a large number of goods through sea shipping.

3.      Fewer Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Sea freight shipping is a greener alternative to inland transportation. Since it has smaller CO2 emissions per ton/kilometer carried, it helps lessen the carbon footprint of intra-regional transportation.

4.      Time Savings

You can save time if you select only one logistics provider for all your shipping needs. The logistics company takes care of your entire supply chain from the time that your containers are successfully loaded and transferred until they reach the final destination. 

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There are different types of sea shipping options that a business can select to transport cargo overseas. Each of these vessels caters to specific goods such as vehicles, single-commodity items like grains and coal, perishable products, and liquids. It is important to know which type of sea freight shipping is suitable for your business to ensure a fast, safe, and efficient shipment of goods around the world.   

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