How to Reduce Freight Costs to Increase Your Revenue

How to Reduce Freight Costs to Increase Your Revenue

It’s not easy to run a business. Aside from the important matters that require your attention, you also have to look into its financial aspect. There are utilities and wages that you need to pay and you would be in a better position if you can find ways to reduce your expenses.

For evolving businesses with products to ship, you’ll be in a better position if you’ll know how to reduce freight costs. Read on to learn simple changes that you can implement to lower your operational expenses and increase your revenue in the long run.

6 Tips to Reduce Your Freight Costs

1. Identify Alternatives

Your freight can be transported through land, sea, or air shipping. Assess the costs of shipping through the said means and decide if you can go for more affordable options. For instance, you can opt for sea freight instead of air freight for products that do not require immediate delivery. This way, you can have your goods transported at a low cost without negatively affecting operations and customer expectations.

2. Find the Best Freight Rates

When choosing a courier company that can attend to your freight shipping requirements, it is important to know the current rates of providers first. But remember, the most affordable option isn’t always the best choice. Choose a cost-effective courier company that can offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality and dependability. It would be better to pay a bit more and be spared from possible problems than to pay less and deal with issues later. 

3. Practice Consolidation

Consolidate goods that are bound to the same destination. You can consolidate smaller shipments into larger shipments to save money. It may mean additional time on your part, but it is a cost-effective strategy that can impact your revenue.

4. Follow Smart Packaging Practices

Product design and packaging should be taken into consideration if you want to reduce freight costs and promote efficiency. While it helps protect goods throughout the supply chain, its design and specifications should not get in the way of cost-efficiency. When a product takes up too much space because of its packaging, the opportunity to save on shipping costs is also missed.

5. Schedule Shipment Wisely

You can reduce freight costs by shipping in bulk. Ship out orders at once so you can maximize the space that you can use to ship your goods. Offer deals or incentives to encourage customers to place larger orders. Ship more and reduce its frequency. This will not just allow you to sell more, it will also help reduce freight shipping costs. Eventually, these measures will impact your revenue.

6. Develop a Strong Relationship with Your Provider

One of the things that you should not disregard is having a good relationship with a trusted courier company in the Philippines. Find a good company and stick with it. Having a long-term relationship with your carriers can have added benefits. Valued clients may be offered exclusive discounts or better rates that new customers may not be entitled to. A long-term courier partner will also give peace of mind knowing that your freight is in good hands.


Freight costs could get expensive, especially without finding ways to cut costs and maximize your revenue. Take the necessary steps to reduce freight costs. Simple modifications to your usual processes can make a difference and help make your business more profitable.
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