Top Metrics to Identify a Cost-Efficient Courier Company

Top Metrics to Identify a Cost-Efficient Courier Company

With the disruptions that commonly occur in today’s supply chains, it is important for marketers to work with a cost-efficient courier company that can help meet customer expectations and facilitate smooth operations.

The question is, how can you identify a cost-efficient courier company in the Philippines especially with a pool of options you’ll find today? The answer lies in knowing some of the key metrics that will point you to the courier company that can help bring continuous improvement to your business.

Key Metrics that Define a Cost-Efficient Courier Company

On-Time Pick-Up and Delivery

It is important to track if a courier company adheres to the agreed time of pick-up and delivery. This is one of the obligations that will impact your overall operations and affect customer satisfaction as well.

Overall Cost

Underneath the costs of shipping are factors that could be the reason why fees may soar. Choice of routes, transportation, packaging materials, and other factors are some of the things that contribute to an increase in fees. Stick with a courier company that can comply with the lowest overall cost by making the most reasonable options available for their clients.


With your current courier company, how much are you able to actually save? To know the answer, you’ll need to compare rates across companies. You should also consider the added cost that you usually shoulder when availing of their services. On top of that, you should look beyond the actual cost especially if there are instances when added costs incur because of inefficiencies on the side of the courier company.

Delivery Routes

Optimized delivery routes contribute to savings and efficiency. Courier companies should have strategies in place that will allow them to shorten the time and distance to complete the delivery of goods in the most cost-efficient way possible.

In performing route optimization, it is important to consider essential factors including time, location, and distance.

Transit Time

Transit time affects customer satisfaction. Courier companies should adhere to their posted transit time to meet client expectations. Time windows often change when it comes to logistics but an experienced company would know the difference between actual transit time vs published transit time enough to keep you from losing your customers.

Claims Ratio

Have you experienced dealing with damaged goods after working with a courier company? Claims ratio refers to the number of lost or damaged shipments compared to the total shipped goods. By determining the claims ratio, you will be able to assess if a courier company has properly complied with its obligations without issues.


There are different metrics that must be looked into when choosing a cost-efficient courier company in the Philippines. The right courier company has a good understanding of your industry and would take your business goals into consideration as it operates.

A cost-efficient courier company will impact your bottom line. Aside from the savings that it will incur to boost your revenue, it will naturally uplift your brand image and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

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