Signs that Tell it’s Time to Switch from In-House to Managed Logistics Services

Signs that Tell it’s Time to Switch from In-House to Managed Logistics Services

Technology continues to impact the logistics industry and as it continues to evolve, you have to make sure that your supply chain will be able to keep up too. If you have been handling your logistics on your own, you might want to consider switching to managed logistics services to improve your competitive advantage.

If you’re not yet sure if it’s time to make the switch, here are the signs that will help you decide.

5 Reasons to Switch to Managed Logistics Services

1. Inventory Tracking is Difficult

Inventory tracking is important as it will help prevent delays in shipment and enable you to share updates with your network partners. If you are having trouble with inventory tracking, problems may occur and eventually, your expenses may increase and the customer experience will be compromised.

2. Freight Spend is Out of Control

Once you realized how your freight expenses have ballooned, it’s time to consider managed logistics services. Spending on shipments at higher rates even when the market volatility is low is a reflection of overspending. Matters only worsen when you overspend but fail to identify where the money goes. By outsourcing your logistics requirements, you will be able to control your expenses and audit your finances.

3. Shipment Coverage is an Issue

When getting coverage for shipments becomes difficult, a managed logistics services company can help you with your needs. Issues with shipment coverage would be a waste of time and money considering the hours that will be spent by your in-house employee for such a task. With a logistics company, you can rely on automation, experienced personnel, and dependable networks to handle your shipment coverage requirements.

4. There are Discrepancies in Auditing 

Do you have difficulty auditing your freight invoices? Errors in invoices such as duplications, overbilling, and underbilling could lead to problems and adversely impact customer experiences. However, this would be among your least concerns if you will outsource a managed logistics company. You can use your time and effort better to focus on growing your company. You will also avoid potential problems with dissatisfied customers.

5. Failure in Strategic Planning

Freight management requires strategic planning. This will allow you to operate as planned even when uncertainties arise. During the pandemic and times when there are weather disruptions or catastrophes, you have to come up with alternative plans to get your shipment moving and avoid risks and massive delays. This may not be the forte of your in-house personnel but this would be easy to accomplish through managed logistics services.


In any business, you need to constantly assess how your operations are going and recognize errors when they occur. If you have experienced problems with your company’s logistics, it must be time to let the experts do the job for you. A managed logistics services provider will help you facilitate a seamless operation, access the technology that will improve your business, and take advantage of the cost-efficiency that you may not get from your in-house team.

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