Changes in the Shipping Industry You Need to Prepare for this Season

Changes in the Shipping Industry You Need to Prepare for this Season

Supply chains constantly face changes and challenges, especially during the pandemic. As the peak season is already here, the challenge only gets harder. It would be essential for businesses to ensure that they will be able to meet demands and overcome disruptions that they may encounter along the way.

A few factors are creating some changes in peak season shipping this year. With capacity constraints, pent-up demand from consumers, retailers, and manufacturers, this year’s peak season could be more worrisome for shippers. Below are some of the changes that you need to prepare for.

The Changes You Must Prepare for this Peak Season

  • 2021 has a longer peak season as it started much earlier than the previous year
  • There’s a huge increase in freight volumes and eCommerce activities.
  • High rates are being implemented now due to rising fuel costs, port backlogs and cargo limitations.
  • Peak season surcharges are applied during peak demand to support carriers in covering increased operational expenses and help in managing freight volumes.

The peak season is long and unpredictable. Here are the tips you need to know to navigate it well and stay successful all throughout.

Peak Season Tips For Shippers

Plan Ahead

Work with logistics management companies to help you in dealing with various shipping conditions. They will be the ones accountable for problems related to longer tender lead times, varying conditions, and capacity limitations.

Take Advantage of Regional Networks

Make the most of your access to regional networks. This will ensure that you will be making the most of the available couriers, trucking services, and LTL services in your region and will eventually help create access to more capacity

Leverage Your Resources

Technology and data will help you optimize your transportation requirements across all activities. This will help you improve your operations as you can easily come up with data-driven decisions. It would also be ideal to automate processes that you are still doing manually to ensure efficiency.

Implement a Multiple-Carrier Strategy

With multiple carriers to move your goods during the peak season, it would be easier to meet the current requirements of your company, meet customer demands, and save more time and money. When choosing carriers, consider the following:

  • Choose carriers that meet customer demands
  • Consider regional coverage 
  • Ensure that their service options cover your requirements

Choose the Best Freight Providers

Work with freight providers that can offer more than just the basics. A logistics management company that can provide you with a wide range of services has the expertise and experience that can help manage your shipping and overcome unexpected troubles despite the demands of the peak season.

Be Flexible

Planning is crucial in effectively navigating your way around the peak season shipping challenges. However, as events unfold, you should also consider making necessary adjustments. Whether conditions improve or worsen, be flexible and prepare to change plans as needed.


The peak season is bound to get more challenging and if you are a shipper, you need to employ solutions that can scale your operations amidst the volatile market. 

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