Most Common Shipping Errors You Need To Be Cautious Of When Doing Business Online

Most Common Shipping Errors You Need To Be Cautious Of When Doing Business Online

If you’re running an online business, you have to be very particular about the shipping services that you’ll use. How your products are shipped can have a huge impact on customer relations and satisfaction. It affects the overall experience of customers. It will also be a factor if they will still engage with you again or not.

To prevent losing customers and instead get repeat clients, you need to ensure a positive experience. One way to do that is to detect and avoid the most common errors in the shipping and handling of goods.

3 Shipping Errors You Need to be Cautious Of

1. Poor Packaging

Your customers highly value the products they buy. They expect that proper care will be given to the products they’ve ordered from your shop. However, problems may arise with improper packaging.

You have to choose a shipping company that carefully packages your products. As different products have different packaging requirements, make sure that cushioning materials and the right boxes will be provided as reinforcement for the product inside. This is to ensure that damages or losses will be prevented during the transit of goods.

Signs like the improper placement of the product, not using bubble wraps to cushion an item, or choosing the wrong size of the box are the things to watch out for as these are the things that can cause damages.

2. Wrong Details

Getting the wrong information on the packages you’ll ship is not just frustrating. It is very costly too.

You have to be detail-oriented when it comes to providing accurate information about the recipient. One wrong entry could mean sending your package to the wrong address. Fortunately, this is very easy to identify and avoid. Initial verification with the customer will help. Of course, relaying the information accurately to the shipping company will also ensure that your goods will reach its rightful recipient without any hassle.

Another mistake that’s related to details is the weight of the package. However, this will only be a problem if the customer already paid the shipping fee based on the weight you declared only to, later on, find out that it actually costs more.

3. Delays in Shipping

There are situations when delays in the transport of packages happen due to unforeseen events. The COVID-19 crisis is an example of that.

However, you have to be wary of shipping companies who have a reputation to delay the shipment of goods. This may happen because of an issue with their logistics or manpower. Whichever, you should know that it is your reputation at stake, not theirs. It will also be your end who’ll have to handle angry customers when that happens.

Look for a logistics company who can partner with you to meet the expectations of your clients. These are the more experienced companies who can commit to the scheduled shipment of goods so packages arrive on time.



As an online seller, you are responsible for the satisfaction of your clients. One way to do that is to ensure that a trusted and reliable shipping company will be in charge of your deliveries.

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