6 Tips for Businesses to Beat the Peak Season Shipping Blues

6 Tips for Businesses to Beat the Peak Season Shipping Blues

The holiday season is just around the corner. It is one of the busiest periods for businesses as many people already start shopping for Christmas gifts for loved ones. As orders begin pouring in, goods need to be delivered on time and in good condition so customers would be happy. Aside from high demands, businesses also face some challenges when it comes to peak season shipping such as traffic congestions that may slow down the delivery of goods and higher cost of shipping services.   

It may be tough for companies to keep up with all these challenges if they are not well-prepared for the holiday rush. They need to create good strategies so they do not fall behind with the demands this Christmas season. To ensure that your business can operate efficiently, here are 6 tips to overcome any peak season shipping difficulties.       

6 Suggestions for Beating Peak Shipping Season

1. Prioritize Your Freight Shipments.

Prioritize the delivery of your products ahead of peak periods. Ship first the goods that have higher demands than others so they can reach their destination on time. This will help you avoid peak season shipping problems that may happen if the container holding your goods get held up due to the overcapacity of a ship. Instruct your freight forwarder which boxes must be prioritized so they can be shipped on time.

2. Separate Shipments.

Separate several containers on multiple bills of lading if you are transporting them in one shipment only.  This will beat your peak season shipping blues when all your containers suddenly get rolled. Carriers roll the containers based on the bill of lading. If you put all your containers in a single bill of lading and the bill gets rolled, your containers will also automatically get rolled. To prevent this, split your shipments so you can still transport some of your goods even if one or more of the bills get rolled.  

You can also separate your shipments by sending some of them via air, sea, and land. This may be costly for your business but if you are thinking of safety measures and the possibility of the products being delayed, this can be one of the good solutions this peak shipping season.

3. Work on Faster Loading Times.

Quick delivery times during peak season shipping are essential for any business. Your customers may switch to another shop if they experience some delay with their orders. They want their goods to arrive fast in time for the holidays. To load your goods faster, you can increase the capacity of your loading areas and add more staff who can help.   

4. Implement Changes Immediately.

Get ready to overcome the peak season shipping challenges by creating a plan and making the necessary changes before this period arrives. Do not wait for the peak season to begin before trying to do any changes. One of the best preparation strategies is to revisit and learn from the previous peak shipping season. Identify what went wrong and what needs to be improved so you can make changes like finding a more efficient logistics provider. You can have a meeting with your staff and encourage them to share their insights.     

5. Review Your Return Policy.

Check and review your return policy as you prepare for peak season shipping. Product returns are likely to happen during this period so your policy must be easy to understand to prevent problems. Create a process that will only focus on managing returns. There must be a smooth return experience between the business and customers.   

6. Choose a Reliable Logistics Provider.

Your business needs a dependable logistics provider that can help you meet the high demands during this peak season shipping. Choose a logistics provider that has several years of experience so it knows how to efficiently deliver your shipments during this busy time of the year.  

Worklink Services, Inc. offers logistics services that can deliver your shipments to different destinations around the Philippines. Its services include air freight, sea freight, and land freight to transport domestic shipments. Each mode of transportation is reliable to deliver goods fast and in good condition to your customers.

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Businesses must not fall behind with the high demands during peak season shipping. They need to plan and create strategies while preparing for the holiday season which is one of the busiest periods of the year. These will ensure the seamless operation of any business so it can keep up with multiple orders from customers and overcome peak shipping season issues that may arise.

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