How to Ensure On-Time Delivery and Minimize Shipping Delays

How to Ensure On-Time Delivery and Minimize Shipping Delays

There are several factors that may lead to delays in the shipment of products. While some reasons are acceptable, it is still important to take the necessary steps to avoid delays as much as possible. A study reveals that 69% of consumers will refrain from shopping again with retailers who failed to deliver their goods on time.

Shipping delays could impact your business and may even lead to profit loss. To help you, below are some of the tips that will ensure on-time delivery and keep your clients happy.

Tips to Ensure On-Time Delivery

Automate Your Processes

Human error is a common cause of shipping delays. The good news is, it can be resolved through automation. An inventory management software can provide a real-time picture of what’s available in your store and warehouse so you can be sure that items that are already out of stock or discontinued will no longer be sold. There are also plugins that you can add to your website to assist customers during the ordering processes and avoid possible errors that may cause delays in shipping.

Anticipate High Order Volumes

There are peak seasons when customer orders are a lot higher than usual. Monthly Promos and Payday Sales are very much popular these days. In addition to that is the increase in online shopping activities brought by the pandemic.

The good thing about this is the increase in orders can be anticipated as there are days when the rise in the volume of orders can already be expected. Prepare for the peak seasons ahead of time. Make sure that you have sufficient inventory to avoid shortages in stock which will affect order fulfillment. During these times, you may also need to onboard additional staff to help in the preparation of orders.

Choose a Reliable Courier Company

One of the most important decisions that you need to make is to choose a reliable company that can support your requirements. Look for a courier company that you can depend on and will be committed to ensuring that they’ll do everything to guarantee on-time delivery.

Find a partner with industry experience to know the steps that they need to take in order to avoid shipping delays. A courier company that will treat your business as if it’s theirs can leave you free from unnecessary worries. You should also choose one with industry networks that can prevent interruption in the delivery of goods. Another thing to consider is the delivery tracking feature which will allow you and your customer to track the location of shipped goods.


Delivery delays happen but with the right precautions, you can prevent problems from occurring and manage the expectations of your clients. Learn from the above-mentioned tips to ensure a smooth flow of operations, keep clients satisfied, and gain repeat customers in the long run.
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