Retail Supply Chain Practices to Help Your Business Survive during the Pandemic

Retail Supply Chain Practices to Help Your Business Survive during the Pandemic

Retailers play a role in protecting the consumers and their employees from the risk of COVID-19 infection. At the same time, they are also challenged to come up with strategies on how their business can survive during the pandemic. 

In the retail supply chain, essential measures must be taken to respond to the challenges today and keep your goods moving from your end to the consumers.

4 Supply Chain Practices for Today’s Retailers

Ensure fast and reliable movement of goods.

When the demand for goods increases, it is essential for suppliers to ensure that shelves will be replenished even before goods become unavailable. The most in-demand goods must be given priority. Products like food, medicines and disinfectants must be secured through fast and steady replenishment. Some of the steps that are now being taken by retailers include:

  • Simplified SKU profiles
  • Accelerated order processing
  • Easier payment terms
  • Widened delivery-appointment windows
  • Relaxed requirements

Modify your purchasing, planning, and inventory-management operations. 

There are changes that must be implemented to keep up with the demand. Greater priority must be given to items that are highly demanded and inventories must be geared towards locations where sales are expected to be brisk. Aside from those, budgets that were originally intended for specific purposes may be diverted in order to focus more on products that are greatly demanded in the market.

Maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

One important consideration that must not be overlooked is to ensure that workers are protected too. Added precautions must be implemented such as workplace sanitation and disinfection of equipment. Short intervals between shifts may also be considered to prevent crowding. Promoting a safe and healthy workplace is one way to ensure that possible interference in your retail supply chain will be prevented.

Establish logistics partnership.

This is a time when logistics disruption can derail your supply chain operations. As much as possible, you have to avoid delays, especially for essential products. With the increased demand in shipping, it would be best to partner with a logistics company that can take charge of your supply chain operations. With the right courier company, you will be able to overcome delays as they already have a process in plains to shorten the time from the source to the retail stores. They also have the technology to ensure that the entire process would not result in any disruption.

A logistics company is also very helpful in ensuring a swift order fulfillment process. As there are now more people who prefer to shop online, you’ll need a partner who can deliver goods according to customer expectations.


As the coronavirus pandemic goes on, retailers should not overlook the steps that they need to make to ensure the health and safety of their employees while fulfilling customer demands and expectations. Essential measures must be taken to stay on top of operations while keeping disruptions at bay.
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