6 Types of Ecommerce Shipping Solutions You Need to Know

6 Types of Ecommerce Shipping Solutions You Need to Know

In an eCommerce business, one way to maintain client satisfaction and increase your sales is shipping efficiency. Did you know that the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment include shipping issues? When running your business online, your eCommerce shipping solutions should be on top of your priorities.

As they play critical roles in the success of your business, here are the different types of eCommerce shipping solutions that can help increase your sales.

Your Options for eCommerce Shipping Solutions

1. Freight Delivery

This is an eCommerce shipping solution that involves the transfer of goods through air freight, land freight, or sea freight. It sends packages from one destination to the next and is most ideal for shipping huge or heavy cargos.

2. International Shipping

Does your online store cater to customers around the world? International shipping is an option that can help you win more clients. It is an eCommerce shipping solution that can grow your business but it comes with logistics challenges too. 

When choosing international shipping, it is best to find a reliable and experienced logistics company to partner with. This way, you won’t have to be the one to deal with taxes, tariffs, and country regulations. Your logistics partner can assist you in navigating through issues under their expertise.

3. Expedited Shipping

As its name suggests, expedited shipping is an eCommerce shipping solution that makes it possible for shipping to be accelerated and completed faster than standard ground shipping. Expedited shipping doesn’t guarantee delivery within a specified number of days, it is an option that many shoppers choose because of the prompt execution of delivery.

4. 2-Day Shipping

For many eCommerce shops, this is a standard that they try to meet. To remain competitive, online shops work on their logistics processes to come up with solutions that can shorten their delivery period to two days.

5. Same-Day Delivery

While same-day delivery requires serious efforts on the part of the sellers, it is an option that’s worth taking as it addresses the urgent needs of customers. It is an option that can give you an advantage and a wider share of the market. While challenging, same-day shipping can be done with the help of a logistics partner who has the technology and reliable courier services.


Same-day delivery services are preferred by 49% of online shoppers and make them more likely to choose online shopping.

6. Overnight Shipping

This is an eCommerce shipping option that is also popular among online shoppers. The speed of getting orders delivered is a key selling point and effectively targets those with urgent needs. Although not all retailers can offer overnight shipping, this is an option that must not be overlooked because of the benefits that it can potentially bring.


There are different types of eCommerce shipping solutions that can help address the needs of online retailers so they can meet customer expectations and build a loyal client base. If you’re looking for a dependable logistics company to partner with, we can help. Worklink has been offering logistics solutions and delivery services since 1999. Contact us today so we can discuss your requirements.