Why Ecommerce Fulfillment is Important for Your Business

Why Ecommerce Fulfillment is Important for Your Business

Your responsibility to your customers doesn’t stop by the time you receive their orders. There are still processes that play a part in order completion. This is where eCommerce fulfillment comes in.

eCommerce fulfillment is an integral part of businesses–both big and small. Learn more about it, as well as its benefits, as you read through this article.

What Is eCommerce Fulfillment?

eCommerce Fulfillment follows after an order from your customer is received. It involves processes that prepare products for delivery including pick-up, packing, and shipping.

Having a fully optimized sales channel is not enough if a fully optimized eCommerce fulfillment strategy is not in place. Like sales, it can also affect your revenue. There are also benefits in eCommerce fulfillment that can greatly impact your business.

Why Invest in eCommerce Fulfillment

Build Great First Impressions

When dealing with new customers, first impressions matter. The state of the package upon delivery plays a role in this as it is their initial physical encounter with your brand. Is it properly packaged? Is it complete? These are just some of the aspects that will create an impression of your online business.


When package delivery is poor, 94% of consumers blame retailers.

Preserve Brand Reputation

Proper and timely delivery of products results in happy customers. With an optimized eCommerce fulfillment process, you can avoid a negative delivery experience for your customers and ultimately, preserve your brand’s reputation. With a good eCommerce fulfillment process, you won’t really have to raise a finger to get positive reviews, your satisfied customers can do it for you.

Win Repeat Business

A synchronized eCommerce fulfillment process is the perfect match for a well-optimized sales funnel. You have to invest in your order delivery processes to make the most of your capacity to sell. Through this, you can be sure that customers will prefer your store over others for certain products. Clients who come back win you repeat business as well as word-of-mouth advertising.


According to a study, 39% of shoppers who experience poor delivery will never shop with a retailer again. In another report, it shows that a growing number of shoppers (35%) prefers convenience over cost and would be willing to pay extra to have their items delivered according to their specifications.

These are just some of the examples that show the importance of an optimized eCommerce fulfillment process. These are also reasons for you to reassess your post-sales processes to make sure that you are giving your customers the quality experience they expect. 
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