The Importance of Cold Chain Logistics in the Philippines

The Importance of Cold Chain Logistics in the Philippines

Different products have a different shelf life. There are those that can last longer without special care and there are also those with specifications when it comes to handling and delivery to preserve their quality. It is in the latter where the importance of cold chain logistics comes in.

What is Cold Chain Logistics?

Cold chain logistics refers to the procurement, transport, and storage of temperature-controlled products. This includes foods, beverages, and biopharmaceutical products that are temperature-sensitive and must be kept at a consistent, specific temperature range throughout their lifecycle. A change in the temperature during the supply chain can cause goods to perish. Worse, they can negatively impact both the business and the consumer when these products reach the end-users.

Why Cold Chain Logistics is Important in the Philippines

Transporting perishable goods in the Philippines is usually challenging. The ideal temperature of products must be preserved in spite of the usually hot weather and problems with traffic can easily affect the scheduled transport of goods. With cold chain logistics, potential problems like those can be averted.

  • Cold chain logistics in the Philippines makes the transport of goods more systematic. Proper packaging is done, the ideal vehicle is provided, transportation routes are planned, and timing is taken into consideration to achieve desired results. 
  • It is also through cold chain logistics that data-driven insights are used at every point in the supply chain to ensure that everything is in order from the procurement process up to the time when goods are received by end-users.
  • The food and beverage industry in the Philippines is a growing sector. Before the pandemic, the Philippines is poised to be the 5th largest retail grocery retail market in Asia. Convenience stores and supermarkets with fresh and frozen produce are prominent across the country which in turn increases the demand for cold chain logistics.
  • The tropical heat in the Philippines can damage products with specific temperature requirements. With products such as vegetables, fish, meat, and even pharmaceutical products being transported to and from various parts of the country, cold chain logistics will be essential.


If your business involves the transfer of perishable goods, the importance of cold chain logistics is unquestionable. It is one way to protect your investment, preserve your brand reputation, and ensure that your customers will be getting the value they expect. 

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