Logistics Trends that are Expected to Take Shape this 2021

Logistics Trends that are Expected to Take Shape this 2021

One of the industries that faced challenges in the past year is the logistics industry. 2020 has its ups and downs and these include those that affect the transport and delivery of goods, packaging, cargo handling, and distribution.

Now, as 2021 has just started, there are logistics trends that are forecasted to take shape to improve operations and meet customer expectations and demands.

Logistics Trends to Look Forward to this Year

1. Digitalization of Systems

The pandemic has emphasized the importance of quick response even with a surge in demands. With digitalization, processes will be more efficient as adaptive measures are put in place to do things differently. It is the reinforcement needed to efficiently respond to an increase in volumes. It also ensures that productivity is not affected even when physical distancing and safety protocols are in place.

2. Automation of Processes

In recent years, the logistics industry has been slowly shifting to automation. It is expected to see more of it this 2021. Artificial Intelligence is also forecasted to play a role in streamlining the supply chain. It is through automation that operations are made more efficient, reliable, and profitable. This is especially useful when it comes to warehousing and inventory management.

3. Blockchain Implementation

While this is no longer new, blockchain is expected to further improve the supply chain visibility this year. It proved to be essential in connecting companies to vendors and shipping lines. It is also expected to play a role in administrative efficiency and order tracking. With blockchain, companies are able to establish transparency and allow better visibility to their end-users.

4. Sustainability Awareness

One of the imminent logistics trends that are forecasted to take shape this year is green logistics. More people have gained awareness about the importance of sustainability. Customers also show a greater preference for companies with eco-friendly efforts. In a study, it is revealed that companies focused on sustainability gain customer loyalty and grow 5.6 times faster as compared to those that don’t implement this practice. With green logistics in place, companies are expected to make sustainable choices in terms of fuel use, packaging, and consolidated shipments.

5. Increase in Refrigerated Goods

A change in consumer buying behaviour has been apparent in the past year. The demand for non-local food products has increased. Refrigerated goods also grew in demand. These are some of the changes that are expected to continue and grow this 2021. In response to that, increasing demand for refrigerated shipping is forecasted. Climate-controlled warehouses are also expected to be more apparent this year. 


Changes and challenges are bound to happen. And with this in mind, logistics companies need to prepare. Adaptive measures must be in place to meet consumer demands while making sure that an efficient and customer-centric experience is retained. 
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