Postal vs Courier Services: The Key Differences

Postal vs Courier Services: The Key Differences

Have you started a business and wants to know the most suitable shipping options for you? You might have encountered postal and courier services as the top solutions. However, before you decide, you might want to first know the differences between the two.

Postal Service vs. Courier Service

A lot of people may think that postal and courier services are the same when in fact they are different. Here are some of the key points you need to know.

  1. Postal services are usually government-operated. On the other hand, courier services are private firms.
  2. Postal services and courier services both deal with the transport of mail, goods and important documents.
  3. While postal services are limited to the shipment of mail and parcels, courier services offer a wide range of shipping options, including specialized shipments.
  4. Usually, the price of postal services is lower than what courier companies set.
  5. However, courier services prove to be cost-efficient. They can offer same-day delivery services while postal services usually require a longer delivery time.
  6. When it comes to parcel size, you may encounter size restrictions with a postal service. On the other hand, courier services have fewer restrictions in terms of weight and size.

Why Choose Courier Services

Efficient handling and delivery of goods, as well as important documents, will require a dependable service provider. While postal service is an option you can try, there are also some shipping requirements that can be fulfilled better with the right courier services.

Urgent Shipping

There are time-sensitive cargos and documents that should be delivered within a specified time. In this case, you’ll have fewer worries with a courier service provider. 

Local Deliveries

With a courier service provider, you may even be presented with same-day delivery options depending on your location. The faster you send your item, the better for your business and your recipient.

International Shipping

There are courier services providers that can offer more convenient ways to ship goods internationally. These are the companies with overseas networks that can take care of your tax and duties so you can pass through customs easily.




Sending mails, important documents and goods will require a dependable provider that can meet your specific requirements. Know the differences between postal service and courier service to find the best option for your needs.

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