5 Key Factors in Finding the Best Courier for Your Online Business

5 Key Factors in Finding the Best Courier for Your Online Business

The shift from brick and mortar shops to online retail stores has become very apparent in the past months. And while the online selling industry is thriving, one key area that you should not overlook is to find a dependable courier service provider that can support your needs.

Product mishandling, delayed shipment, lost parcels are a nightmare for most online sellers. Not only will they affect customer satisfaction, they can also have an impact on your brand’s reputation.

To avoid such, it is a must to find a trustworthy courier for online sellers that can keep up with your business requirements and the demands of your customers. Here are some of the factors to check to find the best courier service providers.

5 Important Factors in Choosing the Best Courier for Online Sellers

1. Reputation

As much as you want to keep a sound reputation for your online business, you also have to find a courier service provider that you can trust. The distribution of goods that you’re selling is very crucial. You need to choose a courier who can take on this responsibility.

Look for a courier for online sellers who has a good trust rating. Know the ones that even big companies trust because of professionalism. The most reputable couriers will leave you the peace of mind that your shipped goods will be received by your valuable clients in the best condition. 

2. Areas of Coverage

Another important thing to consider is the areas they cover. Will they reach the places where your customers are?

The areas of coverage of a courier service provider is vital to know. You need to find one that matches your target areas. The best courier for online sellers will act as a distribution arm that can facilitate the smooth transfer of goods until they reach the customers. Make sure that the courier service provider you’ll choose will not be a factor that will set limitations on the reach of your online business.

3. Shipping Cost

Of course, prices of shipping will be a matter of consideration among online sellers. Remember that customers would prefer lower shipping costs. In a survey, it is found that 70% of buyers are actually looking for the cheapest delivery rates.  As much as possible, you should sway away from couriers with expensive shipping.

However, make sure to balance cost and quality of service. Compare the best rates! It is never smart to prioritize a courier for online sellers that offer lower costs if that would compromise your parcel during the shipping process.

4. Speed of Delivery 

Time is gold and that speaks true when you’re selling online. 

A lot of customers prefer online shopping because of convenience. A delay in shipping will definitely leave a mark on them and may become the reason for your shop to be crossed out from their options.

Find couriers that can offer fast, easy and efficient services. Choose a courier for online sellers that can comply with your expected delivery time when fulfilling orders.

5. Real-time Tracking

Imagine dealing with a client who wants to check where his order is but you have no way of tracking the parcel. That will not only cause anxiety attacks and reflect poor customer support. It is also a sure way to drive a customer away. 

This should not be the case if you’ll choose a courier service that offers real-time tracking of shipped goods. Usually, these are the companies that invest in advanced tracking technologies to give their clients the peace of mind they deserve.


Customer experience plays a big role in keeping your clients satisfied. The courier service provider you’ll choose can have a huge impact on how your brand will be perceived by your customers.

Don’t make the wrong choice. Be smart when choosing a courier for online sellers. Keep in mind some of the most important factors that you need to consider when partnering with a courier service provider.

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