Worklink Joined Forces with Udenna Foundation and Phoenix Petroleum to Help Aeta Honey Producers Amidst COVID-19

Worklink Joined Forces with Udenna Foundation and Phoenix Petroleum to Help Aeta Honey Producers Amidst COVID-19

Following the success of the Sagip Saka Program, Worklink has teamed up with Udenna Foundation and Phoenix Petroleum again. This time, the logistics company in Manila, heed the needs of the Aetas in Bataan to transport 50 gallons of honey to their buyers.

Worklink Provides Trucking Services Amidst COVID-19

The ongoing community quarantine has made it difficult for the logistics industry to operate, affecting countless farmers and small businesses that rely on courier services. This includes the Magbokun Ayta Indigenous Peoples of Morong in Bataan who harvest wild honey in their ancestral lands.

Coming to their assistance, Worklink Services, Inc. has provided its trucking services in order to safely transport 50 gallons of their processed honey to Manila.




The initiative was part of the Sagip Saka Program which aims to help farmers in Luzon that were affected by COVID-19 through the means of efficient transportation of their fresh produce.

Mr. Dexter Silva, the President of Worklink Services, Inc. mentioned the story behind this latest effort for the Aetas, “We have been very much encouraged by the results of our efforts the past three months so when we again saw the opportunity to help, this time our Aeta brothers and sisters, there were no second thoughts, we knew we had to help out.”

With the help of Worklink’s logistics services, the Aeta honey producers were able to successfully deliver their local wild honey to customers in Manila.

The new Phoenix President and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Fadullon, also shared the same sentiments of Mr. Dexter Silva. He was quoted in an interview: “Udenna Foundation alerted us that our Aeta brethren needed help in transporting honey to Manila, we immediately saw this as an opportunity to live up to the core of what we in the Udenna group have stood for the past months of the ECQ, that is to serve as a critical bridge between the farmers needing to deliver their highly perishable goods and the people in NCR.”

Thanks to the efforts of these 3 companies, all the hard work that the Aetas had done did not go to waste. This also ensured the free flow of fresh produce despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

Worklink Services, Inc., a privately owned Filipino corporation, is always willing to provide its cargo forwarding and trucking services for a good charitable cause.

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