Worklink: In the Service of Frontliners in a Time of Crisis

Worklink: In the Service of Frontliners in a Time of Crisis

Since 1999, Worklink Services, Inc, has been providing efficient, effective and reliable courier, forwarding, trucking and logistics services to various industries in the Philippines. But during this unfortunate time in the country, when most businesses are closed and transportation is paralyzed, the company has still found a way to be of help to Filipinos, particularly the medical frontliners.

The Coronavirus pandemic has reached the Philippines and from the start, the health workers have been in the frontline, doing their best to save lives in spite of the fact that they are actually sacrificing their own in doing so. To make matters worse, health care professionals have to deal with scarcity in Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), thus making them more vulnerable to the infection.

Through the Belo Medical Group, Worklink has been given the chance to render its services to support the needs of our frontliners.

Worklink and Belo Medical Group: Hand in Hand in Serving Our Frontliners

Worklink’s trucking and delivery services have been instrumental in ensuring that our medical frontliners will get the equipment and food they need.


Through the generosity of  the Belo Medical Group headed by Dr. Vicki Beo, Worklink was able to join their initiative to distribute f PPEs for the frontliners in different hospitals in Metro Manila. 

WSI has also been active in  rendering its services and efforts to ensure that food packs for health workers are delivered and properly distributed. 

As the entire nation goes through a difficult time in battling the Coronavirus pandemic, Worklink dedicates its support to the Filipinos through the ways we know best. Together, we can get through this crisis.

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