Worklink Joined the Sagip Saka Program to Heed the Call of Farmers in Batangas

Worklink Joined the Sagip Saka Program to Heed the Call of Farmers in Batangas

For a country faced with many challenges and an impending economic crisis, it is a breath of fresh air to find people and companies working together for a charitable cause.

Worklink Services, Inc. under Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corporation has joint forces with Phoenix Petroleum and Udenna Foundation through the Sagip Saka program. An initiative which aimed to deliver 6,000 kilos of rice and packs of fresh foods from the farmers in San Jose Batangas to the city of  Malabon. 


Worklink’s Trucking Services for a Charitable Cause


In the spirit of volunteerism, Worklink has provided its trucking services to help deliver the sacks of rice and perishable food packs that serve as relief goods for the residents of Malabon.




Mr. Dexter Silva, the President of Worklink Services, Inc. was quoted in an interview: “When we first heard of the problem, we knew we could do it since we had the trucks and the capability. However our biggest concern was our manpower. Since we were on skeletal manning, we needed to find volunteers who were willing to come to work and drive the trucks and serve as loaders.” 

With God’s grace, Worklink was able to get a fair share of volunteers. The company was able to form its own “frontliners” who were more than willing to lend a hand in the delivery of the rice and the food packs and somehow do their part in alleviating the effects of the enhanced community quarantine brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the Sagip Saka program was formed, Cherrie Atilano, Founding Farmer/President & CEO, AGREA and UN Ambassador for Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, had to face the threat of getting all their initiatives be put to waste as no one expressed willingness to deliver the food packs they have prepared. 

Without the companies that took part in the Sagip-Saka program, their initiative wouldn’t have been  possible. That would also have led to having all the food packs they prepared go to waste.

The Sagip-Saka program has helped 1,500 Farmers from 5 cooperatives in San Jose, Batangas, through social enterprise AGREA, to deliver their harvests composed of rice and assorted lowland vegetables as relief goods for the residents of Malabon.

Worklink, a Filipino owned company, has always been willing to lend a hand to support the needs of Filipinos in need of cargo forwarding and trucking services.

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