Everything You Need To Know About Air Freight Services

Everything You Need To Know About Air Freight Services

Air freight is the ideal shipping option for those people who want to deliver their items in the quickest way possible. However, it’s only suitable for small and light shipments as it’s more expensive compared to other shipping options. You should also take note that there are limitations when transporting certain items using air freight.

In order to give you essential insight on this specific type of shipping service, Worklink Services Inc., a reliable freight forwarder and logistics company, presents a comprehensive guide about everything you need to know about air freight services.

The Ultimate Guide to Air Freight Services


Before deciding if air freight is the ideal shipping option for your package, you must know how it can be beneficial to you. There are a number of good reasons to choose to move your products by air. Here’s a list of the benefits you can enjoy with air freight.

7 Benefits of Air Freight

1. Transport Packages Quickly

If you want to send your package as soon as possible, choose air freight as your solution as it ensures faster delivery speed compared to land and sea freight.

2. Enjoy Lower Insurance Premium

You can get lower insurance premium with air freight because of its fast transit times. As a result, you save money on often expensive insurance costs. 

You can also minimize the risk of lost and stolen packages as it spends lesser time in the cargo when compared to other shipping methods.

3. Expect Consistent Arrival and Departure Times

You don’t need to worry about delayed shipments because airlines are very strict with their schedules. They make sure that arrival and departure times of flights are consistent.

In the unlikely event that your package missed its flight, you can be ensured that it would still be delivered on the expected arrival day because planes typically depart every hour.

Tip: You can easily track your shipments through your forwarder’s website.

4. Have Access to Most Locations

You can send your package almost anywhere in the world as airlines cover most destinations from big cities like New York to small countries such as Malta. And with access to a large number of locations, you can serve a diverse set of customers.

5. Minimize Packaging Materials

Air freight allows lighter packing so there’s no need to stuff your items with a lot of packaging materials.

Tip: Unlike land and sea freight, you don’t need to worry about damages in your less packaged items as airport security handle them with extreme care.

6. Reduce the Need for Local Inventory

You can reduce items in stock and rely less on warehouses because of air freight’s fast and efficient delivery turnarounds. Furthermore, you don’t need to experience the hassle of cargo inspection and customs clearance as your package can be cleared of inspection quickly.

7. Ensure Safety

Expect your packages to remain safe during transit as airport security strictly inspects all the goods that are coming in and out of the plane. 

List of Prohibited Items in an Air Cargo Shipment

Airports take safety and security very seriously to ensure the protection of everyone. Just as you’re prohibited from carrying potentially dangerous items inside the plane, you’re also not allowed to ship the following items in an air cargo:

  • Chemicals or other products which carry safety warnings
  • Explosives
  • Flammable or radioactive items
  • Gases
  • Strong magnets
  • Toxic and infectious items
  • Any other item considered hazardous to public health

4 Types of Air Freight Services

There are different kinds of air shipping options available to you. Read on to know which one is suited for your own personal or business requirements.

1.  Next Flight Out

Also known as expedited shipping, next flight out packages are shipped as soon as a flight is available. Unfortunately, fast shipping time often translates to higher delivery costs.

2. Consolidated Freight

Consolidated freight delivers your package together with other different shipments. It is transported at a set schedule and share the same cargo space with larger goods so it’s relatively cheaper.

However, some freight forwarding companies might have difficulty regulating the standard number of shipments which can lead to unnecessary delays.

3. Deferred Freight

Deferred services hold off the shipment of your package until there’s available space in the plane. It’s the cheapest air freight option as it takes longer than average to deliver. Despite this, the schedule still operates regularly and allows you to receive your goods on the third or fourth business day. 

4. Charter Services

An entire plane can be chartered for a single delivery of your packages. It can meet your tight shipping deadlines and custom delivery requirements because it exclusively transports your goods to the destination without the need for transfers. However, this comes at a very high cost.

4 Essential Qualities of the Right Air Freight Company

Now that you have an idea about the different air freight options, it’s time to look for the company that can meet your requirements. They should have a steadfast commitment towards delivering efficient and quality service. However, with so many firms in the market, it’s hard to know which company is right for you.

To help you narrow down your choices, here are 4 essential qualities that an air freight company should manifest.

  • Has a Good Reputation and Numerous Experience

Only reputable companies survive the international shipping industry. It’s one of the hardest businesses in the world due to the strict measures implemented by different governments and various organizations.

A fairly new company might entice you with their cheaper service costs but they cannot guarantee that your shipments will arrive safely and on time. You should opt for a company who already has numerous experience in the industry as they already developed tailor-fit solutions to complex problems. However, do also consider the reputation of the company. Review client testimonials and relevant industry awards and publications.

  • Prioritizes Security of Cargo

The ideal air freight forwarding company should be firm in enforcing security checks. They should be able to meet international custom requirements. Furthermore, they need to coordinate with the right officials and be able to monitor your packages while in transit. This ultimately ensures that your packages remain safe.

  • Offers Other Service Type

Air freight might not always be suitable for your needs so choose a company who also offer land and sea freight. With numerous options, you only have to talk to one company who will take care of all your shipping needs. This can minimize cargo hand-offs between different types of shipping services.

  • Provides Excellent Customer Service

You should pick an air freight forwarder with excellent working experience with their customers. Check out various client reviews online as this can provide insight into how good their customer care is. Ideally, they should be able to answer all your queries regarding the status of your package.

Ultimately, you should always do your research before choosing a particular company to ensure proper handling and efficient delivery of your shipments.


Air freight is the best shipping option if you want to send out items in the fastest way possible. It may be more expensive compared to land or sea freight, but it does guarantee the quality of your packages.

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