7 Considerations When Choosing a Courier Service in the Philippines

7 Considerations When Choosing a Courier Service in the Philippines

If your business requires you to ship goods throughout the country, you’ll most likely be making deliveries through a courier service in the Philippines. Local couriers, in particular, tend to be more affordable yet more flexible at the same time.

Nowadays, there are countless Philippine-based courier service providers to choose from. Be sure to team up with a right courier service that fits your business requirements! Here are 7 considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing courier service in the Philippines.

Choosing a Courier Service in the Philippines: 7 Things to Consider

1. Availability

You’ll be surprised at how many different companies a single courier might serve. Who knows how heavy those other customers’ demands might be? 

To avoid any conflicts of interest, choose a courier service in the Philippines that can comfortably accommodate your needs. It helps to inform your chosen company about the estimated volume of shipments you’ll be needing per month.

2. Security

The ideal courier service in the Philippines will give you peace of mind while handling your goods. Protect your company from liability and do a thorough read-through of your courier’s insurance coverage. You can also try looking for a courier in the Philippines that provides tracking numbers for each shipment.

3. Service Types

No matter how big or small your goods are, your courier service provider should have the means to handle them with speed and care. If you’ll fail to choose the right courier service in the Philippines for your shipments, you might still deal with damages simply because your courier isn’t equipped for the job.

4. Service Coverage

Are your shipments limited to major cities, or will you be sending goods to remote areas of the Philippines as well? Be sure that your courier has the ability to actually make your deliveries. Most courier services in the Philippines stick to standard service areas. Some still accept deliveries outside these locations, but with surcharge.

5. Pricing

Couriers in the Philippines might offer premier services compared to mail, but they can still be incredibly affordable. Pricing definitely differs between service providers, however!

Do your research and inform yourself about the pricing scheme of the courier service in the Philippines you’d like to work with. The most efficient companies won’t sneak in any hidden fees or unnecessary extra charges.

6. Customer Service

The most reliable couriers in the Philippines are backed by excellent customer service. Aside from taking great care of your shipments, a good team will also help deal with recipient issues for you. Timely and professional responses are also a huge plus when choosing a courier in the Philippines!

7. Reputation

Reviews from past customers should help you set your expectations of a certain courier service in the Philippines. Note down comments about delivery speeds, customer support, and handling of goods. You’ll probably see these reviews in action once you start working with your courier company!

Why Your Business Needs a Courier Service in the Philippines

  • Lower your operational costs.
  • Take advantage of flexible courier services that adhere to your package requirements.
  • Make the best use of your time with a courier service provider that offers package pickup.
  • Streamline your operations.
  • Focus on the core strategies of your business.

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Your shipments deserve to be handled only by experienced professionals. Remember these 7 points, and you can easily find a courier service in the Philippines to match your business needs.

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